Delram Cattle Co
Breeding efficient feed to meat converters
Made in Ficksburg
Breeding Practice
Calves and dams are weighed at birth, 100 and 200 days
At wean the calves are selected for growth and conformation before being sent for Fase C Testing. The best performing heifers in the test are bred and the rest are finished for slaughter.

The animals are scanned for rib eye area, marbling, length, height, scrotal circumferance at the end of the test. Feed efficiency and growth performance are of great importance to us and weighs heavily at selection.

The best bull calves are then thurther tested on-farm on natural grazing till after the harsh winter of the Eastern Free State. The best performers are again inspected for conformation before used in the herd.

High reproduction is the ultimate positive indicator of a cow's genetics A cow that weans a calf every year from the second without much assistance is a well adapted, efficient and profitable beast.
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