Delram Cattle Co
"It is not on the hoof but on the hook that counts ". Tom Lasseter
Made in Ficksburg
Pure bred grass fed indigenous Drakensbergers
We believe in good breeding practices and strict selection of animals that are best adapted to our farm. We produce happy docile animals that live stress-free and healthy lives. Our genetics is sourced from the best animals available and we often had to pay record prices to get the best bulls to compliment our top breeding standards.

Commercial farmers tend to buy the impressive looking fat bulls at auctions that do not necessary have the supporting breeding values. Breeding values reflect an animal's own genetic ability and data collected from all progeny. This is the only scientific way to predict breeding outcome and is a great tool for pairing animals.
Our herd performance has improved beyond our expectations by using accurate breeding values that are higher than the breed and herd averages. Selection for conformation is done at weaning and before breeding at 14 months.

Breeding two average animals could have an below average outcome. beautifull bull with below average breeding values can downgrade your herd within a few years. Even if the stockman doesn't measure his own herd's permformance he can still be sure to improve his herd by buying animals that have good BLUP scores.

Our goal is to breed cattle that are docile and easy to work with, that produce calves every year from the second year without assistance. They must be efficient grass to meat converters, producing as much meat per hectare possible at the lowest cost. Profit.

Our primary selection criterias are reproduction and meat production
Our Breeding Philosophy